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Mission Impossible Piano Notes – Video Tutorials – (Basic Theme) – (Sargam)

Chords which should be used accordingly (Left hand)

PaPa niSa PaPa maMa

SaSa gama SaSa niNi

Now Basic Lead (Right hand) should be synced with chords accordingly

niPaRe niPare niPaSa niSa

gaSaPa gaSaMa gaSama gama

Theme from Mission: Impossible” is the theme tune of the TV series Mission: Impossible (1966–1973). The theme was written and composed by Lalo Schifrin and has since gone on to appear in several other works of the Mission: Impossible franchise, including the 1988 TV series, the film series and the video game series. The 1960s version has since been widely acknowledged as one of TV’s greatest theme tunes.

Mission Impossible Piano Notes – Video Tutorials