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Marupadiyum BGM Piano Notes – Video Tutorials – (SAREGAMA)

Line 1 


Line 2 

SaGa maGa maGa PaGa

Line 3 

SaGa maGa maGa daGaPa

Line 4

PaDa Pani DaSani

Line 5

Nire NiRe reGa Rere

Line 6

SaNiSa SaNi PaDaPa

Line 7

DaNi SaNiSa SaNi PaDaPa

Line 8

GamaPa Ga DaNiDa

Line 9

Da PaDaPa Re GamaGa ga Re

Line 10

GamaGa Re Sa SaNiDa

Line 11

Pa ma Ga Re Sa

Line 12

PamaPa magaRega ReSaReSa Ni

Repeat Line 6 and Line 7 to finish the theme

Marupadiyum BGM Piano Notes – Video Tutorials

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