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Indian/Bharateeydu/Hindustani Movie – Manisha Love(2) – Piano Notes – (Sargam)

Line 1

ReReReRe SaReRe ReReReRe SaReRe mamamama maGaReGa SaRe

Line 2

DaDa DaPamaPa PaPa PamaGama mama maGaReGa SaRe

Line 3

DaDa DaPamaPa PaSa PamaGama mama maGaReGa SaRe SaDaGaRe

Repeat Line 1 once again here

Line 4

Da PamaPa Pa maGama ma GaReGa SaRe

Repeat again all lines to finish the theme.

Indian/Bharateeydu/Hindustani Movie – Manisha Love(2)  – Video

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