About Us

Music.rushisbiz.com is a branch of Rushisbiz.com where we teach piano freely through our videos in simple and fair manner. We provide notes in PDF files of best hindi, tamil, telugu and other songs.

The videos contain single finger training system with each and every line of song. The videos include hindi, tamil, telugu and other songs.

We also do sale piano notes in PDF format at very affordable price.

Rushisbiz.com wants to do something to our country with our skills and creative work, we are trying to train and share our skills to all learners in You tube through our videos and in website. We are also trying to make the people to use our website or channel as a platform to show their skills.

My self a Writer, Photographer, Creative Director, Cricket Expert, Music Player, Yoga enthusiast, Martial Arts Performer…..etc at the end of the day I love exploring everything and specially arts. I always love to learn some thing new so that my life gets interesting. I don’t want to live a like a normal common man. I want to be special and I love my self very much.

We are a small creative company located in small town Nizamabad nearly 160 Km from Hyderabad. We also try to explore local talents and present in front of the world.


Thanking you..